win32com with basic authentication

John J. Lee jjl at
Sat Nov 15 16:56:54 CET 2003

jeff <j557302 at> writes:
> I use win32com.client to dispatch IE for a URL
> browing.
> When IE starts to brow,the Login window pop up.
> I was trying to enter the right password for it, but
> IE wouldn't take it.  it just keep poping up login
> window. How do I write auto login method to send
> user/password with COM method to bypass pop window for
> login.

This is a question for the microsoft.* newsgroups.

> Or you might also help me how to dispatch for Netscape
> browser. How do I dispatch it with a opening brower?
> I know how to do it for IE, but don't know how to get
> Info for netscape.

Netscape... does that exist any more (serious question)?  As for
Mozilla, try PyXPCOM.  Or DCOP and Konqueror (or possibly, you might
be able to write a plugin for Konqueror using PyKDE now, not sure).
I've never tried either, and they might be a pain to get built and


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