instance of COM-server with Win32all

Michel Claveau/Hamster at
Tue Nov 25 00:10:42 CET 2003

Hi !

Thanks for your read of my message. Indeed, I seek a "global singleton".  Il
have try singleton-tech, but when differents soft call my python-COM-server,
i obtain differents singleton (sic).

I want have an persistant-dictionary, common to all task on one computer.

I have look other softs :
    - MsWord have an "handle instance" (!?)
    - Delphi requires, at the beginning of an COM/OLE-project, to choose
"mono-instance" or "multi-instance".

For the moment, I circumvented the problem with a local-TCP/IP-server,
common to all the softwares of the computer, but if it's possible, I prefer
to integrate that in my COM-server. Can I hope for a solution with win32all

In all the cases, thank you very much, for your works, and forgive my bad

Michel Claveau
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