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Mon Nov 10 23:55:33 CET 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:

> 3seas wrote:
>> the project is in python code
>> http://freshmeat.net/projects/victor1/

Actually the most up to date code is not teh archive but what you get by
doing a wget on threeseas.net/vic/ excluding the .zip files.
But then that might be what you did.

As to the code: I wrote the IQ and ID command (a small part by another, who
I sponsored for about a month to work on AROS during last summer. That
small part we integrated into IQ to create teh ID command which also has a
user file for adding tests for ID to use.)

As to the Rest, that was produce by another who I hired thru rentacoder.com
to produce from the specifications I wrote.  

There is still one command to write KE and the integration IQ and ID into
the VIC. Though I do believe it is useful to have these two able to
function also as stand alones.

I do however plan to replace the html based help file for the AI,PK,OI,and
SF commands with their IQ parsed on the fly help file. As I believe I can
do this regardless of my OOP understanding level.

As to Python OOP I am not that learned on it such that I can yet go thru the
code I hired written to correct errors and make overall easier to use
modifications. I did however markup all of the code to be IQ parseable and
created a source.iq file that IQ can process to pares ALL the source.

I believe the command would be: python ./IQ-ID/iq.py -k source.iq . . (on
linux) from the directory where the main.py (main source) is.

this while show you all the unique keys contained in the source.
but using pattern matching arguements and without  the -k option you can
output the contents of keys that match.

The full VIC will be able to set in motion dynamic automations, from simple
to complex of any number of automation types, from simple user defined
automations to more complex code generation AND compiling And Excution of
generated code. 

Autocoding is just one thing a general automation tool can do and for such
to be possible the underlying code fragnment database or vocabulary must be
built. MS is going a step further by teh whole Common Language
Infrastructure bit by unifying many programming languages thru Common
Intermediate Language.

I have no doubt there have been and continue to be arguements against this
or that part of the VIC but no where will you find the integrated
configuration of all the parts in a manner that provides such versatility
as the VIC will. The command line interface is but just the like in teh
history of computing, before the GUI came along. I know how to use a point
and click interface to fully access the VIC, but that is down teh road and
hopefully by the time we get there there will be more of a standard cross
platform GUI library to use. 

Its not the objective to re-invent anything but rather to make the use and
reuse of many things possible, including the dynamic reuse of code
fragments to generate more complex code. And its not code predjuice either
though to generate python thru it would require an indentation loop to keep
track of proper indentation.  

I have done the research, wrote achievable specifications and code, put
money into it paying a coder to write python code for it etc.... And I have
even placed it under the GPL. 

As to those who have said to me in the past that my communication suck, It
sure did seem to suck when I was communicating to a code writer.... 

Spamming my mailboxes..... that is just not right and really does show the
nastiness of some playing king of the hill in this newsgroup. and if such
acts are going to create a grading curve, it should be clear there will be
lessor acts of negitivity towards me or the project than that of trashing
out my mailbozes with absolutely unrelated viral spam.

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