New to Python - Compiled Language?

Michael Geary Mike at
Wed Nov 5 04:01:50 CET 2003

> > ... there is a tool called py2exe that you may want to look into
> > in order to bundle your program into an executable on Win32.
> > (

> I think that would be very useful, thank you. :)
> When I say compiled language, I do mean a language like C++ which is
> transformed into machine code by a compiler.
> I was under the impression that Python had no such compiler, and that
> the end user of my programs would be required to install the Python
> Interpreter. Is that true in most cases?

Um, did you look at the link above? :-)

Python compiles to bytecode, not to machine code. But that doesn't mean the
end user needs to install a Python interpreter.

> Also, can Python support Linked Lists? I believe someone said in one
> of the other emails that Python doesn't support pointers.

Lists are a native Python type. They're one of the things it does best--you
don't need to implement linked lists yourself with pointers.


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