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>> On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:23:25 +0000, Richie Hindle <richie at> wrote:
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>> >Your website ( says "The GPL version would be
>> >free for non-commercial use", which is a contradiction. 
>> Not at all. The website says:
>> ==================================================================
>> We are thinking of releasing the Linux version Rekall under a duel 
>> licensing scheme. There would be a free for non-commercial use GPL 
>> version and the normal commercial version.
>Well, given the history of Rekall, combined with TheKompany's problems
>with selling GPL software because people apparently demanded the
>source code for free without buying anything, it's hard to know
>whether the developers have misinterpreted the GPL or are trying to
>layer their own incompatible stipulations on top.
>> The GPL would not include any kind of support whatsoever, therefore 
>> you would need to take out a support subscription.
>> The GPL version would be free for non-commercial use.
>You have to ask yourself the question: if your knowledge of the GPL
>was sketchy or non-existent, how would you interpret that last
>[Rest of notice cut]
>> There's nothing innacurate or contradictory in that statement. After 
>> all, the GPL *is* "free for non-commercial use"; it just happens to 
>> be free for commerical use as well -- and the website doesn't say 
>> that it isn't, it just omits to mention that it is.
>Isn't this known as being "economical with the truth",


> or is it just
>downright contradictory? It's like saying that "nude bathing is
>allowed but you aren't allowed to get wet", only to explain such a
>ridiculous statement away by then saying that "they just forgot to
>mention that you are allowed to get wet as well".

No. AFAICT, it never makes two statements of the forms X and not-X.

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