Py2exe still won't run

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Nov 1 21:18:25 CET 2003

Ray wrote:
> OK I'm clueless..
> How do you run py2exe on windows, I've tried the dos prompt and get
> 'python not recognized', also tried python prompt and got a 'syntax
> error' message

Can you post the *exact* error messages you actually got?  Don't
try to simplify or translate, as that only makes the effort to help
you harder.  In fact, just use copy-and-paste to put the precise 
text into your email.

By the way, it seems likely you don't have the directory containing
python.exe in your PATH environment variable.  None of this would be
a py2exe problem, merely one running Python itself.  Check the FAQ
for more information to help you get started.


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