python a bust?

Anand Pillai pythonguy at
Thu Nov 20 10:58:15 CET 2003

Exactly my feelings on this topic :-)


python473 at (John Howard) wrote in message news:<9eabe547.0311191757.2cc51af3 at>...
> Let's say some one walked into a book store and glanced at the books
> in computers. He might think, "gee look at all the books on java and
> perl and hardly any books on python. What is python? And it's not even
> in the languages section. No sense in looking at that!"  It's a matter
> of perception. "Lots of perl and java - that's the way to go." I also
> agree that maybe a lot of books on python are not necessary to learn
> the langage. Heck, I learned almost all I know (which I admit is not
> much) from web tutorials and samples. But I do have questions I cannot
> find the answers to when I browse the book store. Eg, how do I do
> admin stuff with python? How do I do cgi stuff with python? There are
> books on how to do these in perl. Dozens.
> pythonguy at (Anand Pillai) wrote in message news:<84fc4588.0311140319.3778de15 at>...
> > In the ideal "techie makes decisions" world this would have
> > been a good thing. But not in the real world where the Suits
> > make decisions in corporates. 
> > 
> > There might have been thousands of books published in C/C++
> > language and they have all helped to popularize it in one
> > or the other way. Contrast, in the python world we have one
> > Ale
x Martelli, one Wesley Chun, one David Mertz, really
> > countable by hand.
> > 
> > There is a limit to how much a single person can evangelize
> > a language. Questions similar to what the O.P posted arise
> > from the listeners. 
> > 
> > I would prefer to see more books on Python though they all might
> > be useless from a pure techie point of view. Let us have
> > a book on Software Projects in python for example. It might not
> > have the technical superiority of a Martelli book, but more 
> > attempts like that will save the language and help the 
> > eyeball factor, which is so important in practical marketing.
> > 
> > -Anand
> > 
> > afriere at (Asun Friere) wrote in message news:<38ec68a6.0311132310.630e10e2 at>...
> > > python473 at (John Howard) wrote in message news:<9eabe547.0311131610.4dd7819c at>...
> > > > I've sent several messages over the last year asking about python - 
> > > > Who teaches python? Is python losing steam? etc. I have noticed, eg,
> > > > the declinng number of books at my local borders. The last time I
> > > > visited a borders (last week), there was 1 (sic) book about python on
> > > > the shelve compared to dozens on perl & java!
> > > 
> > > 
> > > If you were developing in Java or Perl maybe you would need dozens of
> > > books.  But Python is so elegant and intuitive a single one will do.
> > > ;)

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