PyQt, Qt, Windows and Linux

Phil Thompson phil at
Wed Nov 19 19:08:36 CET 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 10:28 am, Richie Hindle wrote:
> [Rob]
> > The "official" Qt3 book is due in February of 2004, and the
> > included CD will include a non-commerical version of Qt 3.2.1
> > for Windows [...] it appears that you will be able to distribute
> > the Qt runtime DLLs with your non commerical application [...]
> This is great news for people who want to develop free Windows software
> with Qt.  Phil, do you yet know whether PyQt Non-Commercial will support
> this version of Qt?

I usually follow what Trolltech do, which means that I'll probably look at 
selling a CD with a compatible version of PyQt on it.


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