pymat and Matlab6.5

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Thu Nov 27 09:45:18 CET 2003

John Hunter <jdhunter at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1126.1069898631.702.python-list at>...
> >>>>> "Juntu" == Juntu  <juntu at> writes:
>     Juntu> To who read this message: I am trying to use pymat with
>     Juntu> python2.3 and matlab6.5 but unfortunatlly it does not work
>     Juntu> because it is intended for python2.2. I tried to recompile
>     Juntu> the source code to make it work with matlab6.5 and
>     Juntu> python2.3 platform but it does not work for my at all. Is
>     Juntu> there any one in this plant who have already the compiled
>     Juntu> library and sned it to me by email or post it in the
>     Juntu> internet in the Python web site.
> Not an answer to your question but, what are you trying to do?
> Numeric and scipy provide a lot of matlab functionality -- the MLab
> module of Numeric provides many functions with matlab compatible
> arguments and return values.  There are python modules for loading
> *.mat files into python dictionaries in the matfile library
>  The matplotlib.mlab
> library complements MLab by adding more matlab compatible functions to
> python, and matplotlib.matlab library provides matlab compatible
> plotting in python
> If using python instead of matlab is an option for you, let us know
> what you are trying to do and in most cases my guess is there is a
> python solution.
> Former pymat user now almost completely weaned from matlab,
> John Hunter

>----------- From Juntu,
The same prolem again. I found no binaries of Scipy for Python2.3
under Windows Xp. To compile the source code you need many package
which really I do not want to install them in my computer, and also I
do not have enough experience to do complilation process. Is there
someone who already compiled Scipy to work for Pyhton2.3 for Win32

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