Looking for an http proxy server written in Python

Chris Gray cpgray at library.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Nov 18 17:16:51 CET 2003

Thanks, Alan,

Your resource page is very helpful and your "Why" section explains exactly
why I'm interested in this.  At first blush it looks like httpMonitor is
most in line with what I'm planning, namely, the ability to do arbitrary
processing on requests and responses.

The problem I've run across so far is transparency and performance.  I've
written my own proxy server and experimented with WebDebug and found that
some things slow down considerably and other things don't seem to pass
through at all.  I want, as much as possible, for the proxy to pass
requests and responses through in a way that makes no difference to the
client, but gives me a hook to hang selective logging, storage, and other
processing on.

That's why I specified production-quality and HTTP/1.1 compliance.  If I
could just find a proxy server that forwarded requests and responses
seamlessly, I'd be happy.

Thanks again,

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On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Alan Kennedy wrote:

> [Chris Gray]
> > I'm looking for a
> > production-quality proxy server fully compliant with HTTP/1.1 written in
> > Python.
> >
> > If there isn't, is there anything that comes close?
> That depends on what you want the proxy to do.
> Check the following page for a list of python http proxies.
> http://xhaus.com/alan/python/proxies.html
> If there's nothing there that catches your eye, then give a clearer
> indication of what you need the proxy to do.
> regards,
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