Web Authentication to AD

Jason Tesser JTesser at nbbc.edu
Mon Nov 24 14:00:23 CET 2003

I would like to write a python web service that would take a username and password entered on a 
web form and authenticate to Active directory.  A few questions about this.

1. How can I do it :-)
2. I would like the script to be in the same server as the websites which is a linux box.  So I need it to call active 
directory on a M$ box.  If this is too hard could someone at least explain the process if I make this a service
on the M$ box. Which I guess I can do if keeping it on the Linux box is too much.  
3.  I would like to expand the service so that I could check the computer the user is on and not make them enter a 
username and password if they are already logged in to the domain.  I huess I would have to use Java Script for
this.  Any ideas here?

Thank you in advance.  

Jason Tesser
Web/Multimedia Programmer
Northland Ministries Inc.
(715)324-6900 x3050

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