ActivePython Installation problem on win95

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at
Tue Nov 18 03:39:11 CET 2003

Tom Semple wrote:

> Python 2.3.2 (build 232)
> After installing (completes without error) I cannot start the
> IDE;
> get an error: "The application can not locate win32ui.pyd for Python
> (1157).
> One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be
> Certainly a file with this name exists so it is probably a dependent
> that is missing. Suggestions?
> Thanks
> tom semple

PythonWin is a part of win32all which, in turn, is a part of
ActivePython. win32all no longer supports Windows 95. Here is a recent
comment from Mark Hammond (win32all's author) about it:


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