need object crafts csv module pre-compiled for 2.3

Tim Peters tim at
Tue Nov 25 00:39:01 CET 2003

> I need a binary version of object craft's csv
> parser( for 2.3.

For which machine architecture and operating system?

> I do not have the appropriate C environment for Windows and getting
> one is an impossibility(in the short term anyway). I am working on a
> project which uses this module. The project needs to work under 2.3
> but this module is used so extensively refactoring the code to use
> another parsing method would be an undertaking that I would prefer
> not to do at the moment and instead concentrate on other areas of the
> code. ...

Well, this just gets more confusing.  Are you aware that a very capable csv
module comes with Python 2.3?  You don't have to do anything to get it --
it's already there.  It started with Dave Cole's module (which you linked to
above), and Skip Montanaro did a lot of work on it after.  So is there a
reason you can't use the csv module that comes with Python 2.3?

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