kinterbas db column type

Uwe Grauer news at
Thu Nov 27 02:57:33 CET 2003

Uwe Grauer wrote:
> more explanation:
> It's different from other modules cause it does a implicit type
> conversion to the Python-types.
> So for a DATETIME-column in mysql you get a type_code 12 (which is
> indeed DATETIME in MySQLdb) but in kinterbasdb you get  t_tuple. This
> does not help me very much since the information i need is different
> from what i get.
> Uwe

Got the answer in db-sig, thought i should share it:

David Rushby wrote:

This is a known problem in 3.1_pre6 and earlier.  It's fixed in the CVS
version, which I plan to release soon as 3.1_pre7.  Here's the relevant
SF bug report:

If you're not compiler- or CVS- constrained, use the CVS version right
now; it's quite stable.

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