PyQt, Qt, Windows and Linux

Phil Thompson phil at
Mon Nov 17 23:50:47 CET 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 10:21 pm, Jim wrote:
> >> One person (I think is was someone from theKompany) said that there was
> >> no functional difference between the Personal Edition and the Business
> >> Edition but I think you just told me the opposite. If I buy the Personal
> >> Edition and use it to write my program, I won't have the capability to
> >> run that software on any other computer besides my own (personal to me)
> >> ... not even my wife's computer downstairs, i.e., so the runtime
> >> elements don't come with the Personal Edition - which makes it
> >> functionally different?
> >
> >No, the functionality is the same (but is a subset of "normal" PyQt).
> Yikes, what is "normal" PyQt? So the version of PyQt that comes with
> BlackAdder is just a subset of "normal" PyQt ...  How does one obtain the
> "normal" version of PyQt and what are the advantages? If I'm spending
> money, I want to get it right the first time around ;)

"Normal" PyQt is what is available from, either 
under the GPL (not for Windows) or a commercial license. It does not include 
a copy of Qt - you need to get that separately with an appropriate license.

Functionally BlackAdder PyQt is based on the Professional Edition of Qt (plus 
a couple of extras - see theKompany website for details). "Normal" PyQt is 
based on the Enterprise Edition (which is the same as the GPL version) plus 
QScintilla support.


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