PIL and jpg -> png conversion, do I really need java for this???

Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys, Raaijmakers, Vincent (IndSys,
Wed Nov 19 20:59:23 CET 2003

Guys, I gave up.

I can't figure out why the PNG converted in PIL won't work in the MIDP applications written in Java. There is something different but I really don't know what.
All PNG generated from ImageMagick, GIMP or whatever, they work fine, from PIL, no.
The conversion in Java using JIMI works fine as well.
The option of executing scripts from Python using these external tools is not really what I like.

My Java colleagues are laughing at me because my statement of my giant productivity using python is gone with the wind here. I'm struggling now for 2 days. First to prove that nothing went wrong in the communication channels and secondly that it was the PIL conversion. Because I'm doing the server side, and my java colleagues the client side of the application, I'm running way behind.

Please don't let me do programming with Java. I can't make any statements anymore doing server programming with python. 
I really need hints, tools, urls. What can I use to verify that the PNG file is correct or different from other png's or the Java libraries poor.
Googles performance is already down because of my daily search activities.


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