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Derrick 'dman' Hudson dman at
Fri Nov 21 18:23:05 CET 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:04:37 +0000 (UTC), Wald wrote:
> Derrick 'dman' Hudson <dman at> wrote:
>> For coding, UNIX is the best :-).  (vim as editor, cvs for
>> source control, python for execution, ls/cp/mv/grep/<etc.> for
>> file management, you get the picture)
> Not that I'm an anti-Unix/Linux person, but the tools you mention are 
> equally available for other platforms, including Windows.
> VIM: 
> CVS:
> Python:
> ls/cp/mv/grep/...
        This one is UNIX emulation built for Windows.

> Well, anyway, just wanted to point that out.

Yes, the tools are often available, though the quality or usefulness
can vary.  (I know -- my first year at this job I had to use windows,
so I installed cygwin and kde 1.1.2 (twm is worse) and used that.  In
many ways it wasn't as good as a real unix system, but it was the best
I had then)  Still, the usage style is still UNIX :-).  Most Windows
people look for all-in-one programs (IDEs and such) and tend not to
plug-n-play with combinations of tools.

> Other than that, Unix/Linux is a bloody great platform. I'm in the
> process of learning to use it (Debian) and I love its transparency.
> If it wasn't for specific software, I would have a single-boot Linux
> system. 

Great!  :-).  (I like debian as well)

Oh, btw, the .sig is randomly generated automatically.  Just for one
more remark -- typical UNIX design in software (examples like mutt or
tin) is for the user to specify a program to run which will provide,
via the pipe interface, and delegate the actual generation to a
dedicated program.  This sort of design and thinking is what I meant
by "UNIX" is the development tool.  (that or you develop on unix and
test everywhere, which is pretty much what I did with the wxPython
school project I mentioned earlier that was tested (and ran) on Debian
and Win2k)


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