AI and cognitive psychology rant (getting more and more OT - tell me if I should shut up)

Anton Vredegoor anton at
Sun Nov 2 12:21:20 CET 2003

Stephen Horne <steve at> wrote:

>Oh dear, here we go again...

No, we don't :-)


>I have just been through the same point (ad nauseum) in an e-mail
>discussion. Yet I can't see what is controversial about my words.
>Current theory is abstract (relative to what we can percieve) and we
>simply don't have the right vocabulary (both in language, and within
>the mind) to represent the concepts involved. We can invent words to
>solve the language problem, of course, but at some point we have to
>explain what the new words mean.

Probably this e-mail discussion -which I didn't have any part in- has
caused a lot of irritation, some of which has ended up on my plate,
but I just want to make clear it's not my piece of cake  :-)


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