ANN: ActivePython 2.3.2 & ActivePython 2.2.3

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sun Nov 2 01:50:37 CET 2003

> I was just being cautious. If people consider those
> builds stable
> enough I wouldn't have a problem upgrading ActivePython's win32all.

Well, I consider them stable when I release them :)  The simple fact of the
matter is that we don't have any kind of "release cycle" here, and I try and
reflect that in the sequential numbering.  The general process is that when
I release a new win32all, I consider the previous one "stable", unless I
have heard of real problems.

And worse, each new win32all does have new features.  Sometimes they are
obscure, but sometimes they are more visible.  Sometimes, these new obscure
features will not be stable, while everything else is (and sometimes that is
just fine - people want the experimental features early even if they may not
be stable)

IMO, the very best thing AS could do would be to arrange that a win32all
package could update the version in ActivePython.  There are a number of
ways this could happen - I guess the one that needs the least of my time
would be for you to have your own "ActivePython Update", built from my
specific win32all tags in between ActivePython updates.  A better way that
would require some of my time is to have win32all.exe itself find and
upgrade ActivePython.

FYI, my short-ish term plans with win32all are to:
* Enhance Thomas's distutils build script, and make that the "official" way
to build and install sources (that holds the best hope for managing multiple
Python versions at once from one source tree)
* Drop all registry stuff, using a few .pth files
* Re-do the setup script using inno.
* Change win32all numbering slightly:
  win32all-200-2.3 - win32all build 200, for Python 2.3
  win32all-200-2.2 - win32all build 200, for Python 2.2
  win32all-200-2.3_d - _d and pch files for the above
* Release from sourceforge.

This will probably happen after the next 2 or so win32all releases.  The
second item in that list would be a good time to work out how we could
upgrade ActivePython from win32all.

I'll be putting out a new win32all by the middle of next week, but the
reality is that things continue to enhance and change all the time.


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