PythonWin IDE doesn't save all project files??

Glenn Reed dont_use at
Sun Nov 30 02:01:06 CET 2003


Someone might be able to help me with this.  If I am using PythonWin (as
part of the ActiveState Python distribution) (lastest release 2.2) and have
two files in the editor window.

---- --------
class module1:
    def __init__(self):

---- ----
# Test Module
import module1

thisClass = module1.module1()
print thisClass.x


and then I run this script I get the correct answer 23

However if I then go back and change the value of the variable in
and change 'self.x=23' to 'self.x=45' and run the script again I
still get the answer 23.  I click the "save all files"  icon which is a
picture of 3 floppy disks and run the again and I still get 23.  If
I exit PythonWin and start it again and load the same scripts I get the
correct answer 45.  I have tried closing and reopening the source
file but nothing helps until I restart PythonWin.
Does anyone know what is happening here?

Thanks in advance.


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