python a bust?

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Fri Nov 14 18:06:37 CET 2003

"Brandon J. Van Every" <try_vanevery_at_mycompanyname at> wrote in message news:<bp2bc0$1j68et$1 at>...
> True... but in most cases we're making an Existential choice about our
> willingness to control.  We are not in fact helpless.  Such is the case with
> Python.  If you want to actually do something about marketing Python "like
> the big boys do," I encourage you to join the marketing-python forum.

Unfortunately, I am not a kinda of marketing person ... 

Anyway, I must congratulate you for the Python logo: it is ways better
than any other Python logo I have seen (so far) and it looks really 
professional. The font is so and so, but the stylized snake is perfect,
and very original.

> > We can only wait and see (as in that old chinese said ...)
> Chinese philosophies, at least as received by Westerners looking for
> alternatives to their high stress culture, often have the flaw of being too
> Yin.  The Tao is balance, not passivity.

Yes, but the idea I had in mind was something like "relax, we are not
in war against Java or C# or anything else, let us wait for a bit before
complaining about Python dead". OTOH, if people think that Python is an
endangered species and want to start a promotional campaign to save it,
I am certainly not opposed. Anyway, one must be realistic and do not
expect that Python will replace Java any soon, just because the way
the world is. So, I do promote Python, but the pacific way ;)


P.S. in Italian "pacific" means "peaceful" but also, referred to a person,
somebody with a slow pace, and/or somebody who doesn't worry too much
(like me ;) not sure if the English word has the same connotation, but
anyway I meant that there is no hurry, as I don't see any sign of
Python disappearing soon, I see just the opposite actually ;)

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