Regular expression code implementation review between Tcl vs Python

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Wed Nov 12 16:25:54 CET 2003

David Gravereaux <davygrvy at> wrote in message news:<tph3rvsru37i0b86jr1s4egr3bdvjqitrm at>...
> Google_Post at (K_Lee) wrote:
> >I guess the TCL original goal was also to support
> >Win16, DOS, etc.
> No it wasn't.  Given whatever core an extension is loaded into, the
> extension grabs the function table from the core it is loaded into.
> Say for example I build all of Tcl statically into my application (kinda
> dumb, but let's just say).  If I try to load an extension into it, where is
> it supposed to get the Tcl functions it needs?  Do you see the issue Stubs
> solves?

Ok, David,  I understand better now.  

(Putting on my monday morning quarterback hat.) 

If the original design specifies that 
    * If you load extension with .so/dll, you are required 
    load tcl from .so/dll.
then we can get rid the stub interface, right?

That doesn't sound like an unreasonable requirement for 
people who use any tcl + extension.

I still think Tcl'folks did a great jobs, just like to know the
trade off vs. features better.

K Lee

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