polymorphism in python

KefX keflimarcusx at aol.comNOSPAM
Wed Nov 26 23:52:49 CET 2003

>f your intent is that you could call foo(4) or foo('4'), you could just 
>def foo (x):
>   theRealX = int (x)
>or you could maybe even do:
>def foo (x):
>   if type(x) == StringType:
>      do string stuff
>   else:
>      do integer stuff
>but if you're trying to do either of the above, I suspect you're trying 
>to write C++ in Python (which is as bad, if not worse, as trying to 
>write Fortran in Python).

The second example should use the expression:
isinstance(x, str)

and not this:
type(x) == StringType

But as you said, it's best to avoid doing it at all ;)

- Kef

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