ZODB and python 2.3

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Nov 26 03:08:42 CET 2003

[Larry goodman]
> im looking at the ZODB documentation and I Ran across this:
> "The Persistent base class is an ExtensionClass class. As a result, it
> not compatible with new-style classes or types in Python 2.2 and up."
> Does this mean ZODB wont work with python 2.3?

No, it means if you want to subclass Persistent, you'll have to make it an
old-style class in ZODBs released to date.  This will change in ZODB 3.3
(not yet released).

Note that you'll probably get better responses to ZODB questions on a ZODB
forum, like zodb-dev at zope.org

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