First Impressions of Linux GUI Programming

R.Marquez ny_r_marquez at
Thu Nov 13 21:32:10 CET 2003

GrayGeek wrote:
> Isn't Linux Format a hoot!  I really love the DVD (or 2 CDs) that come with
> every issue.  I find the articles are first class and delve into specifics
> for apps, utilities, distros, what ever.   I've subscribed to Linux Journal
> for years, but compared to Linux Format LJ is hollow.

Yes.  Linux Format is outstanding (a little pricey, but I figured I
would try it for a year).  I have enjoyed it tremendously.  I sense a
good interest on their part in really geting a good quality product
out, including the DVD/CDs that they include.  The forums on their
website is also a nice complement.
> BTW, Have you tried Boa-Constructor, a GUI RAD dev tool that uses wxPython?

I gave it a quick test. But, it was a little too complex for me at the
time.  From what I could see, I would have had to learn a particular
way of organizing my code so that Boa could work with it.  For
example, it seemed to want me to have a main() method in every app. 
That may be Ok, but I didn't feel like taking the time to learn that
at the time.  I also didn't like how it would spray code into my app
as I added GUI components.  It reminded me of what I felt the first
time I used MS Front Page to edit some of my web pages (shudder :). 
But, I've heard that efforts are on the way to improve some of that. 
So, I may give it another try some time.

On the other hand, when I then tried PythonCard, I was immediately
sold on its simplicity, clarity of code, and elegant separation of the
GUI code from the rest of the application.  Have you tried Python

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