Icons in wxPython?

Frithiof Andreas Jensen frithiof.jensen at removethis.ted.ericsson.dk
Thu Nov 20 14:21:59 CET 2003


I have a problem with wxPython -

I would like to use some standard icons for common operations like f.ex.
"New File" or somesuch - currently on Win32 - but preferably in a
platform-independent way.

Does wxPython contain a defined list of standard Ressource ID's for Icons
that are reasonably consistent across platforms or must *everyone on the
entire planet* use his own unique set of Icons+ID's for common operations -
as the documentation (or rather the lack of it) hints at?


I cannot even find a list of the windows-specific ressource ID's anywhere;
must one buy the Visual C++ SDK to be able to use icons already built into
Win32's 'common.rc' ressources ?

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