Python's simplicity philosophy

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Sat Nov 15 08:15:46 CET 2003

"Terry Reedy" wrote:
> "Patrick Maupin" wrote:
> > (I'm curious, though, why you included "apply" in this list.  I've
> > personally never needed it since the * enhancement to the call
> syntax.)
> I presume you mean as opposed to delete it altogether.  Because apply
> can be used with map while * and ** cannot and at least one person has
> said he uses that.

That makes sense.  It also fully supports the idea of pulling out
some of these features into an iterable-consumer module.  Originally,
apply() provided functionality which would have been exceedingly
difficult to code in Python (I'd say "impossible", except someone
would post an example using eval(), or a stupefyingly long example
function which works on any size list up to 10,000 elements, or
whatever... :), but now it's just a one-line helper function for map().


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