Analyse of PDF (or EPS?)

Johan Holst Nielsen johan at
Thu Nov 20 16:20:44 CET 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Johan Holst Nielsen wrote:
>>Is there any Python packages to analyse or get some information out of
>>an PDF document...
>>Like where the text are placed - what text are placed - fonts, embedded
>>PDFs/fonts/images etc.
> I believe the not-for-free version of ReportLab has this sort of capability,
> at least in some sense.

Aah, you think about the product "PageCatcher", right? :)

I haven't seen it yet :) I will contact ReportLab for further details, 
thanks :)

Please let me know, if other know any alternatives ;) (in case that I 
cannot use ReportLab's version)


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