auto-upgradable application

Rene Aguirre reneaguirre at
Wed Nov 5 18:00:44 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

Recently I made a 'improvement' from an 'old' system we used for i2c
bus testing as I had no access to the source code, I started from
scratch on Python/wxPython.

The idea just came from a Python/wxPython trial in my spare time, then
suddently I realized that the system was already a working prototype,
at least the main functions we used from the old software were already
working, so I code for some of the improvements.

At this point some of my partners realized that the new software was
already more productive than the older one, so, I started to
distribute the system using py2exe and an installer (first Inno setup
then "NIS" -nullsoft install system- for bzip2 compression). That's
were my nightmare started.

The endless request from my partners to fix the bugs or add new
features already solved on the new version was really annoying.

So, I was thinking about adding an auto update feature to my app, if
anybody knows about any package for these purpose would be great.

If not at least I'll write a very basic script (different 'exe' on the
distribution) that checks for a a new version (on an intranet/internet
location), if so and no update to the main core is done (the Python or
wxPython libraries) then update the changes or display a message to
update to the latest version for main core update.

Do you have a better idea?

Rene Aguirre

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