manipulating the Windows Device Manager

Erick Bodine erick_bodine at
Wed Nov 19 00:17:20 CET 2003

That is exactly what I have found out.  I was able to grab the status
of the SCSI controller easy enuf (many kudos to the wmi author) but
there appears to be no way to enable/disable it - no relevant methods
in the Win32_SCSIController class.


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> > I want to be able to disable/enable a hardware device on a Windoze box
> > for testing purposes through Python.  Cursory searches of the the
> > win32all extensions, this group and google have not been too
> > fruitfull.  There appears to be a route through WMI but I was
> > wondering if anyone had done this already before I plumb the depths of
> > MSDN.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > ERick
> My experiences with WMI indicate that it is an excellent way of looking at
> hardware settings but has limited support for changing many of them. Search
> c.l.p for earlier discussions about WMI. It might be worth looking at other
> applications that provide COM support or can be driven via popen.
> Colin Brown
> PyNZ

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