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Tue Nov 18 13:19:23 CET 2003

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> a=eI'm new to Python, in fact I'm new to programming. I'm trying to write
> a simulation program, for a biology class I'm teaching next year. the
> following code is giving me trouble and i can't work out why.
> 	if e>= 1 :
> 		a=e
> 	else :
> 		a=0
> I keep getting a syntax error.
> This piece of code is meant to keep the value of a equal to or grater
> than 0. Any odeas would be appreciated.
Is that your whole script? If so, it'll get a syntax error 'cos the whole
thing is indented. Change it to:

if e>= 1 :
else :

And you'll get a NameError instead...

Simon Brunning,

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