McMillan Installer: No module named wxPython.wx

Harald Schneider h_schneider at
Thu Nov 27 13:34:37 CET 2003


I ran in some problems with Gordon's Installer, after upgrading to Python
After starting the executable it brings up a

ImportError: No module named wxPython.wx

Before upgrading, everything went well.
I can also run the .py file without any complaints in my system's current

I tried
- Adding the site-packages and the site-packages/wxPython folder to
- added'em to PATH
- and added both to the pathext. in the .spec file.

My platform is
- SUSE Linux 8.1
- wxWindows 2.4.2
- wxPython without unicode support
- The latest Installer 5, freshly installed for Python 2.3.2
- Python 2.3.2, latest release from

Thank you very much for your help,

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