python license apply to all mdules?

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Sun Nov 23 10:09:47 CET 2003

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| "Mark Hahn" <mark at> writes:
| > For example, does the bsddb module only require the standard python
| > or does it include the sleepycat restrictions?
| Since it doesn't include the Sleepycat database code, I'm not sure how
| the Sleepycat restrictions could apply. If you decide to install the
| Sleepycat software, naturally their license would apply (especially if
| you were going to bundle it in a package that you distribute).
| If you look as the bsdbmodule.c file, you can see there's no license
| information at the start of the file. I suspect this means that the
| standard Python license applies.

If OP uses Python23, it's more likely OP will want to look at _bsddb.c
instead of bsdbmodule.c ...

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