python a bust?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Nov 14 12:57:31 CET 2003

Brandon J. Van Every wrote:

> "Alex Martelli" <aleax at> wrote in message
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>> A purely anecdotal datum I just
>> learned about, for example: smack in the heart of downtown Milan there
>> are two excellent, large bookstores which are always hotly competing.
> To add to anecdotes, Python is always represented and well-displayed at
> Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle.  B&N is a rather mainstream bookstore,
> with reasonably well stocked but mainstream tech books.  I haven't
> bothered to look at how many Python books are actually on the shelf, I
> just notice that there's always 1 or 2 in the "look at this" display.

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised of B&N and Borders aimed at just about
the same "audience", from what I know of both, yet it's not even all
that surprising, when comparing one large bookstore from each chain,
geographically near each other, to find that one has several books on
a given subject which the other one lacks.  Buyers for specific stores
do get substantial freedom (in all bookstore chains I'm familiar with),
and whether they exercise it wisely or foolishly is another issue.


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