Ronald Oussoren oussoren at
Thu Nov 13 16:12:09 CET 2003

On 13 nov 2003, at 6:53, Ron Adam wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 02:12:38 GMT, "Rainer Deyke" <rainerd at>
> wrote:
>> Ron Adam wrote:
>>> Which would you choose from the following?
>> Here are the options I see, in order of preference:
>> 1. The compiler enforces a consistent capitalization scheme, 
>> preferably
>> all_lower_case.  Note that MixedCase is only consistent if 
>> PsychoTheRapist
>> is a different identifier than Psychotherapist.  Different syntactical
>> elements (identifiers vs keywords) are allowed to use different 
>> schemes.

A slighty different scheme would be to disallow names that differ only 
in case. This would make it possible to talk about code ("the foo 
function is buggy") without confusion ("which one, the one in capitals 
or lower-case?"), without having having the confusing notion that 'FOO' 
and 'foo' are the same. To me at least 'foo = FOO' looks like something 
different than 'foo = foo'.


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