Strange behavior in PythonWin IDE

Gilles Lenfant nospam.glenfant at
Fri Nov 28 15:59:51 CET 2003

Anders Eriksson wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm using ActivePython 2.3.2 build 232 on Windows 2000 and I have noticed
> a strange behavior in PythonWin IDE (win32all build 163)
> I'm from Sweden and we have a couple of letters in our alphabet that isn't
> part of ASCII and the strangeness is about one of them
> When I use the letter å (å) then the next character is eaten! Then
> when I enter the next character (the second after å) the last one appears.
> E.g.
> I want to write the word: "låna"
> I enter: "lå
> I enter: n ,but it won't show
> I enter: a , and the n appears
> I enter: " , and a s appears
> So in the editor I now have: "låns
> If I then enter a " PythonWin thinks that I'm beginning a new string and
> changes the color.
> If I then save the file and open it in another editor. Then I have the
> correct word: "låna"
> But if I run the program from the command prompt I get this error/warning
> "C:\Documents and Settings\ame\My Documents\My Scripts>python
> sys:1: DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xe5' in file on
> line 1, but no encoding declared; see
> for details
> What is the error and what can I do to fix it?
> // Anders

This bug (and others related to charsets) has been submitted some months

Perhaps you can help adding other bug scenarios.



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