simple program to prevent from exceptions

Francesco scrutinizer at
Tue Nov 18 22:20:38 CET 2003

Hello Irmen.
>> I know pychecker, but is there a simpler program, 
>What's difficult about pychecker?

If I use pychecker in boa constructor, it takes sometimes several
minutes, before I get any result. But maybe this could be, that I have
switched on too many options.

>> I think for example of using a varible, without setted before.
>Because of Python's highly dynamic nature, these sort
>of static code checking is generally very hard to do.

I feared so :)

>Personally, I stick with Pychecker, fix the things it
>bitches about, and other errors will be caught by
>testing soon enough.

yes you'r right; it was only a little idea



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