pyc / pyo architecture independent?

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Tue Nov 18 16:07:35 CET 2003

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Terry Hancock  <hancock at> wrote:
>Are the .pyc / .pyo files safely architecture independent?  (I.e. are
>they now, and are they likely or even guaranteed to remain so?).

Yes.  I don't know about future guarantees, but you may be assured that
it would be a Big Change if that were no longer true.

>I know the bytecode can change between interpreter versions and other
>interpreters like Jython, Stackless, and PyPy (does that exist yet?)
>may not even choose to make them.  But given that the same interpreter
>is made available, will they work on, say, an ARM processor, a 68K, and
>a i386 sharing them on the same network?

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