can't run py app after compile to exe by py2exe , gettext

ulysses ulysses_dm at
Wed Nov 12 10:10:33 CET 2003


I use python 23,py2exe 0.4.3 ,wxpython do my py app in win32.
I use gettext to support multi languages. I build a small fuction for load 
language at top of main module.
def setLan(lan):
    import gettext
    langs = gettext.GNUTranslations(open (join ( localPath,
                                               ( "lan/"+lan+".mo" ) )
                                          ) )

Above run normally in debug mode, when I compile to exe by py2exe.
the exe can't run, no error raised, I can see exe in task manager.
but after few seconds , exe disappear automaticlly.

If I remove the function setLan, EXE can show main GUI.
But the function I has used it in another app,python22 ,wxpython.

So I use other way of show multi language. 
def setLan():
    t = gettext.translation("tbt", os.path.join(dir,"locale\\"), 

situation same as before, can run in script mode, exe can't show.
Remove this function, program ok. 

I don't what happen , I have test many many times. 
Somebody help me :(


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