Database connectivity

Gerhard Häring gh at
Mon Nov 24 19:07:13 CET 2003

SectorUnknown wrote:
> I've written a database (Access mdb) front-end using Python/wxpython/and 
> ADO. However, the scope of the project has changed and I need to access 
> the same data on an MSSQL server. Also, the front-end needs to be cross-
> platform (Windows and Linux). 
> Does anyone have any suggestions on what database connectivity I should 
> use? I've looked at mxODBC and wxODBC briefly, but am not sure what is 
> the best way to go. [...]

AFAIC you have two options:

- Use mxODBC and save yourself/your company/your employer a considerable 
amount of time.

- Program to the Python DB-API v2.0 and work around the differences 
between the various DB-API modules you'll need yourself. You'll probably 
end up the n-th abstraction layer on top of the DB-API.

Another possibility is to see if an OR-thingie like PDO/SQLObject/... 
actually helps for database abstraction. I suppose they'll get really 
"fun" to use once you need advanced queries, though. Does anybody have 
any real-life experience with any of these Python OR mappers?

-- Gerhard

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