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> > Is there a practical way to use Pychecker in Windows? It doesn't work
> > under IDLE. (In fact, it seems to end up breaking everything, and
> > every subsequent statement and expression I execute gets ignored.)
> > Running it from the Python interpreter in DOS means everything scrolls
> > off the screen. Ideally I'd like to redirect it to a file, or be able
> > to use it in IDLE.
> >
> You can redirect python output to a file from the Windows command line.
> only caveat is for *some* command processors (NT in particular, IIRC)
> redirection only works if you explicitly call the python interpreter (i.e.
> use the command "python > file.out") rather than implicitly call
> (i.e. use the command " > file.out").

Alternatively, if you're running under an NT derivative, use the .cmd
command interpreter rather than the .bat command interpreter. Then
you get that nice scroll bar so you can see what scrolled off. Works
great on XP at least.

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