On PEP 322 (ireverse)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 1 16:55:33 CET 2003

Aahz wrote:
>>built-in functions normally can't, and in that way they differ from
>>C-coded functions.  So, iter would have to be changed into a different
>>type that _does_ support some attributes.
> Did you mean "Python-coded"?  Anyway, I doubt that adding an attribute


> to iter() would cause problems the way changing it to a type constructor
> would.  I'm not suggesting this, mind, just curious why nobody else
> mentioned the possibility.

I think one needs *more* work to add an attribute to a C-coded function:
it needs to be made into a different type.  To add a classmethod to a type
one only needs to supply the classmethod flag in one's C sources -- hard
to see how that might be more troublesome...?


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