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> I come back again to repeat it one more time: the compile() function
> already exists and works in Python. Before you do your posting, please
> think about the compile() function first. (Do I need to say it one
> more time? I don't mind.)

So what?

Functionality is not added to Python simply because it looks like
a logical extension of something else that already exists. First,
you need to show a compelling use case.

So far, I've seen one thing in your proposal: dynamic binding
of free variables in a function, rather than static binding. All
questions of syntax aside, please show me why this matters,
bearing in mind that I've never programmed in a language
that has this, and am not going to be convinced by references
to such languages.

While I'm not *the* person that has to be convinced (that's Guido),
I'm probably representative. If you don't manage a compelling
case for why dynamic binding is a useful option, then you're not going
to get anywhere with this proposal.

By the way - if I understand the guts of the proposal, the compile
function has nothing to do with it, and wouldn't be used to implement
it in any case.

John Roth

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