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William Trenker wtrenker at
Mon Nov 10 02:25:22 CET 2003

Raymond Hettinger wrote:

> For Py2.4, I'm working on a C implementation of

I was exploring Aaron Watters' kjbuckets module today (Phillip Eby's PEAK framework uses it).  

Now that a C implementation of is in the works, I wonder if this is the time to consider merging at least some of the directed-graph functionality of kjbuckets into Sets.c?  The support in kjbuckets for graphs includes methods like: neighbors, reachable, and tclosure (transitive closure).

For those who haven't looked at it, the kjbuckets module provides objects for sets, directed-graphs, and algebraically-operable-dicts in an implementation that is "tightly coupled at the level of C, allowing fast and powerful algebraic combinations of container objects."  It is documented quite nicely here,

Just food for thought,

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