libmysqld.dll - any working example?

JZ jroznfgre at
Fri Nov 28 23:50:06 CET 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 17:31:35 GMT, Joe Francia <usenet at>

>> Does anybody know any working example of using embedded MySQL library
>> for Win32 (libmysqld.dll)?That example from MySQL manual does not
>> work for me. I am looking for Python API to libmysqld.dll...
>You may want to consider this, which doesn't require you to ship any 
>external DLLs:

No, you did not understand me. I know this library and I have been
using it for a long time. But the problem is I want to move my web
(pythonic) application to CD and I wanted it to work with MySQL as a
DLL library. I do not want to install full mysql serwer. 
I know how to use MySQLdb connection for a server, but I do not know
how to connect to that dll. If MySQLdb can do this I do not know how
use it.  (MySQLdb.Connect() method has parameters of host, login but
libmysql.dll do not need such parameters.)


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