Catching JavaScript in InternetExplorer with Python / win32com

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Nov 23 23:07:06 CET 2003

Florian Fredegar Haftmann wrote:
> I'm working on a tool which helps in testing applications with web-frontends (on
> Windows)
> On thing I would like to test ist the occurence of JavaScript errors; the idea
> is that the test tool does many request and actions on the Internet Explorer and
> collects all errors (including JavaScript errors) together into a report. I've
> setted up a framework for controlling an Internet Explorer instance using Python
> and win32com, but so far I have not found anything to actually catch JavaScript
> errors. Has anyone experience with that?

You might want to check out pyjtf at Sourceforge:
It's a small package I released which does something like what you are
asking about.  You could use it for inspiration, butcher it for example
code, or maybe even find a way to contribute to it. :-)


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