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>I thought that the food provided at PyCon last year was awful.  Now I
>find out it cost us approximately half the budget of PyCon, at 74$ a
>head.  I think that this is shameful.  But Aahz thinks the convenience
>factor, for those people who are willing to eat the food -- outweighs
>the cost factor.  It looks as if if is coming in at 70$ a head this
>time.  I'd rather have the 70$.  But Aahz doesn't want to open this
>discussion unless I can find 10 people who aren't interested in the

I'm saddened that you chose not to write a balanced post about the
subject, so here is some additional information for people:

The money Laura refers to covers three days of food.  It's not just
lunch, it's also breakfast pastry/coffee plus two coffee breaks (with
cookies and sodas).  The money includes tax and service charges.  Yes,
it's overpriced, but it's a pretty standard markup for conference food.

The downside of not providing the food is that it's much less convenient
to meet people during lunch if you have to forage.  That applies less to
people who already know lots of people in the Python community, of

Another thing that Laura didn't mention is that we ran into a schedule
crunch last year.  With additional time, we can certainly make more of an
effort this year to provide food that people will eat.  We're also
planning to order less food to accomodate those who won't eat conference
food, which will result in less cost for everyone.
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