Which of the best choice ?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Wed Nov 12 11:55:36 CET 2003

SungSoo, Han wrote:

> There are two coding style when python import module.
>  (1) import sys
>  (2) from import sys (or from import *)
> I prefer (1) style. Because it's easy to read, understand module in any
> category .
> Which prefer ?

Style (1) is generally to be preferred.  "from X import *" is almost
universally shunned because it fills your namespace in ways that you
can't really control.  There may be a few good nice ways to use 'from'
(one is getting a single module from a package), but in general if you
were to forget the existence of the 'from' statement, in favour of
using only the 'import' statement, your Python code wouldn't suffer.


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