MP3-Player in Python?

Eric Baker at
Fri Nov 21 07:31:47 CET 2003

"Thorsten Pferdekämper" <thorsten at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:bpg2l7$d9v$1 at
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to code a little MP3-Player in Python. I do not try
> do all the decoding stuff in Python, I am just looking for a (more or
> less...) platform independent way to play MP3s. I also want to display
> information like these stored in the ID3-tag and information like the
> in seconds, the scan frequency etc.
> So far, I have found the following solutions, but I am not really happy
> all of them:
> 1.
>     Pros: Seems to be very platform independent
>     Cons: I was not able to get the length in seconds etc.
> 2. tksnack
>     Pros: Lots of functionality. Really cool.
>     Cons: Needs Tkinter to run. (I would like to run this without X in
> Linux.)
> 3. popen mplayer or something like this
>     Pros: ?
>     Cons: Don't know how to control volume, position etc.
>               Dont' know how to close mplayer in Windows...
> So far for the MP3 playing stuff.
> Concerning the ID3 tags, I have found the id3-py package
> ( It worked, but I dislike the automatic saving of
> changes on deconstruction. It also causes problems with german umlauts...
> It also seems not to support ID3v2.
> I also know mmpython, but I do not know how to run this with Windows XP.
> works fine with Linux...)
> So, what do you think?
> Regards,
>     Thorsten

I tried this under windows, it worked quite well. It will play the files,
you will need other modules for tags and such things.

Audiere is a high-level audio API. It can play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC,
uncompressed WAV, AIFF, MOD, S3M, XM, and IT files. For audio output,
Audiere supports DirectSound or WinMM in Windows, OSS on Linux and Cygwin,
and SGI AL on IRIX.


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