a python book hint

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Thu Nov 13 18:43:04 CET 2003

Cameron Laird wrote:
>>Hetland's "Practical Python" is a good book, particularly if you like
>>Most other books are unfortunately a bit dated, but these two do cover
> David's book is as current as any, but lacks the
> GUI-for-Windows emphasis the original poster ap-
> parently wishes.
> David Mertz, that is, not David Ascher.  If this
> were a voice posting it'd be obvious.

True -- silly me; David Mertz's "Text Processing in Python" is indeed
current (and also readable online).  I don't think of it as suitable
for beginners, but it IS actually possible to teach yourself Python
from David's Appendix A, at least in theory (it _is_ a bit "short and
impressionistic" for that, as its title suggests, but still...).


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